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Global Underground: Transmission 00:2 (DVDRip) [2004]
08 January 2009

The second in the Transmissions DVD series steps us into a little more into detail on the artists that Global Underground have had a hand in working with in recent years. It is going on 4 years since their first DVD release and not only does 00:2 feature 4 DJ Movies, but it also holds a bunch of other short films, photography and of course music that slots into an intermission category. As well as this - there is also a bit of information on a few of GU Music's core artists that don't often get very much of a plugging. So it begins...

Dave Seaman Has Left The Building
Kicking off is Dave Seaman down-under, for the GU022 party in January of 2002. It gives you a much closer look at Dave (as well as his cute Russian girlfriend) - from the time he arrives are Melbourne airport until he steps out into the light from his gig. This segment also features a hilariously funny moment with a Melbourne clubber chewing his face while trying to spit out a semi-coherent sentence. His friends weren't much help either, but it provides some classic moments.

James Lavelle – An Eccentric Englishman
The stunning Spanish city hosted Lavelle's breakbeat tweaned set for GU023. You get lots of very up close and personal shots with Lavelle as he talks about what he does and what drives him as well as making fun of himself for being an obsessive music junkie and loving every minute of it. You even get some great shots of his funky designer tattoo's as well as a taste of the Unkle thing.

Nick Warren – The Freaks Come Out
The incredibly unique and varied shut out Icelandic city provides not only and incredible backdrop for filming but some beautiful (and very drunk) local people – and is the highlight of this DVD. Reykjavik provides a great location to both film and record the excellent GU024. The local DJs, promoters, and people are all incredibly positive and provide the perfect place for Nick's sound. Stephen Stephensen (of President Bongo, Gus Gus fame) gives us some insights into his local scene and his quirky self. And while Warren baths in the beautiful aqua lagoons during the cold month of August you realise they couldn't have found a better place for his music. And don't forget about the Elves.

Steve Lawler – No Sleep 'Til Slovenia
From his night at The End in London to a great party in Slovenia Lawler walks us through his passage into becoming the leader in tribal deep sounds. His girlfriend makes an appearance, giving us an insight into this short, yet driven DJ as he tells us a few stories and takes us from the tribal beats of The End to the deep dark sounds in Slovenia.

So once you've watched the documentary style short films on the DJs, there are a bunch of visual in the Intermission section. This includes an ambient visual journey. An interesting look at Romanian clubbing in Bucharest, a beautiful photo gallery featuring over 200 shots from around the world on GU tours and a bunch of GU[MUSIC] biographies from Lo-step, Trafik, Pako & Frederik and Unkle.

So... it all sounds quite good. And it is. But (there is always a but...) I have some minor gripes. Firstly and something everyone will probably experience - the DVD menu is slightly strange to navigate at first (note to all – the link to click a section is hidden after the text as the GU logo appears). This next one, is more a matter of opinion, but with each of these 4 GU DJ on show, it was almost entertaining to see them for a majority of the DVD wearing an array of different BAPE shirts - fair enough Lavelle has a good thing going there (with his uber cool niche clothing label) but is donning a BAPE shirt or six becoming a must have for all GU artists?

It is not as long and interesting as the first Transmission, and as I really enjoyed that release, so this was always a tough act to follow. I would have liked to have seen more of the sets from the shows, rather than the straight biography approach – where the previous Transmission DVD had loads of behind the scenes footage with the GU boys running around - this one was a bit of a step back - it was shown on Channel4 (UK) and a few other places around the world - so I guess it was made for that purpose. I guess all I’m trying to say here is that it would be great to see them take a more detailed approach in insight into the parties and give us more footage to veg out over.

Having said that the DVD is one for the collection. The sound quality is stunning, and on a 5.1 surround system, the very well selected music of comes out beautifully. Infusion, Evil 9, Soul of Man, Lostep, Pako & Frederik, Avatar, Sam-U-L and many others feature. All the footage is incredibly well shot and nicely put together thanks to the great production and direction work of Dom Phillips. And it also takes you to the locations where the cover shots were taken for the GU releases.

Transmission 00:2 gives you great feel for the GU artists and what they do in order to bring their music to us.

Global Underground: Transmission 00:2 (DVDRip) [2004]

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